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The Young and the Restless
Episode Guide, 4.24.08

Today on The Young and the Restless ...

With Phyllis back in town, she and Sharon get into an argument about the magazine. Jana makes wedding plans with Kevin and insists on having it under a full moon.

Thanks to Jana, Amber learns that Lily is pregnant with Cane's baby. Amber runs to tell Daniel the news and then asks about their relationship. Lily stuns Neil when she reveals that she turned down Cane's marriage proposal because she doesn't feel she's ready to get married again.

Lily then decides that if she's having a girl, she's going to name her Drucilla. Finding him staring at the ring for Lily, Kay assures him that Lily will "come around." Lily stops by and Cane reminds her that he intends to keep dating her during her pregnancy.

He invites her to move into Kay's place but she doesn't answer. Victoria tells J.T. that with the christening tomorrow, she can't imagine Sabrina as the godmother now. J.T. offers to tell her but Victoria calls her friend and when she arrives, announces her decision to change godmothers.

Sabrina wants to talk about this but Victoria asks her to leave. Brad overhears Jill blasting Nikki and David for changing suppliers without her okay. Later at the ranch, Nikki is upset to find Victor there where the christening will take place.

J.T. brings the baby and reminds them that Nick will be the godfather. Sabrina returns and tells Victor that Victoria wants nothing to do with her. Nikki's upset when Victor decides Sabrina can ride Nikki's horse and denies that Nikki owns it anymore.

Victoria tells Nick that she would like Phyllis to be Reed's godmother. David urges Jill to give Nikki's plan another chance but, as Brad watches, she tosses the papers in the trash.

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