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The Young and the Restless
Episode Recap, 4/25

Today on The Young and the Restless ...

When Gloria boasts to Jeffrey that she's changing her "karma" by doing good for others, he claims she's out of her mind when she confirms she's trying to adopt a baby. But hearing her admit that she hates sharing him, Jeffrey tells her that he's been waiting to hear that.

Though he asks her to stay, Gloria walks out but later ends up in his arms in the hotel suite. At dinner with J.T., Nick and Phyllis, Victoria asks Phyllis if she would be their baby's godmother. Glad that Victoria has put their disagreements in the past, Phyllis accepts.

Adam interrupts and mentions his trip to New York. Phyllis claims she saw him with a beautiful woman walking up Broadway but he denies it. After he leaves, Phyllis insists it was him she saw and warns that the guy can lie through his teeth. Lily and Cane compare names for their baby.

Asking about Cane and Lily, Karen announces that she's moving out because she's not going to play grandmother for Lily's baby. Neil finds Karen packing later but she assures him it's not the end of their relationship.

Though she states that she will be too busy for the ceremony, Victor asks Sabrina to be his date for the christening and she agrees. He surprises her by revealing he made a big art purchase at an auction in London and then assures her that Victoria will "come around."

As they celebrate her birthday at the Athletic Club, Amber asks Daniel if they're a couple. He responds with a kiss. J.T. leaks to Nick that he's investigating Adam's past and agrees to keep him updated.

At the ranch, Adam spots a passionate Sabrina and Victor and when Victoria arrives, he tries to block her view but she sees them anyway and runs off, much to Sabrina's surprise.

Adam later tells Victoria that he thinks Sabrina set this up and, when he insults her, tells her that everything is not always about Victoria.

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