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The Young and the Restless
Episode Recap, 4.28.08

Today on The Young and the Restless ...

Nick's forced to decide between Sharon and Phyllis regarding the photo shoot.

Running into Adam, J.T. invites him to the christening today but Adam claims business meetings prohibit him from attending. J.T. lets Nikki and Victoria know and Victoria is relieved, telling her husband what Adam did the other day.

Adam finds Phyllis alone at the magazine and learns that she'll be the godmother today. Sabrina catches them together. After Phyllis leaves, Sabrina boasts that she'll be Victor's date later today and, when he makes a comment about that, accuses him of chasing after a married woman. Hearing from Neil that Karen moved out, Lily guesses that it's because of her.

Cane arrives to take her to her first ultrasound and finds Neil was ready to take her.

Admitting he knows about the marriage proposal, Neil privately assures Cane that he thinks a child should be with both of its parents. At the hospital Lily's curious when a technician opts not to answer a question she has about the sight of her baby.

The doctor later advises them that Lily had an embryonic pregnancy that was "absorbed into the body" so she is no longer pregnant. Back home with Neil and Devon, Cane comforts Lily as she cries. David joins Nikki at the main house, getting things ready for the christening.

Sabrina offers her help but Nikki won't acknowledge her. David's bothered by another phone call. Victor lets Nikki have it when she asks Sabrina why she's even there. J.T. and Victoria bring the baby and when J.T. asks the same question about Sabrina, Victor again reminds them whose house this is.

Later, Victoria reluctantly accepts a gift for the baby from Sabrina. After Phyllis says a few words as the godmother, Nick announces, as godfather, that he is going to give Reed a Cubs jacket because J.T. is a White Sox fan. After the ceremony, Paul notices David on the phone again.

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