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The Young and the Restless
Episode Guide, 4.29.08

Today on The Young and the Restless ...

After Adam explains that work kept him from the christening, Victor's impressed and announces that he's giving him a bigger role at Newman and may want him to handle the mergers and acquisitions department.

Adam loves the idea and suggests it would be a better place for him than Beauty of Nature. Nick finds Sharon arguing with Phyllis about canceling an article for the magazine.

Arriving late for work, Daniel and Amber hear them argue. Amber complains to Daniel about the state of their relationship. When Amber mentions her feelings for Daniel, Phyllis isn't pleased. She's upset further when Nick agrees with Sharon about pulling the article.

As Lily takes a nap, Neil advises Cane that it will take some time before Lily is over this. When Kay calls to see him, Cane worries about leaving Lily but Neil assures him she'll be fine and congratulates him on what a great job he did with Lily.

Later, after sending her father to a meeting with Victor, Lily's uncomfortable when Karen arrives and asks how she and the baby are doing. She's embarrassed to hear there is no baby now.

Jill comforts Cane after guessing from his demeanor that Lily lost the baby and mentions when she fell once and suffered a miscarriage. Adam arrives with a gift for Reed but, seeing Victoria and Nikki talking, opts to leave it at the door.

Neil and Victor argue about what's best for the company when he asks him to mentor Adam. Victor later assigns Victoria back to Beauty of Nature but she's not happy to hear of Adam's promotion because he doesn't have "family issues" keeping him from work. Skye surprises Adam in his hotel room and announces that it's time for another "joint venture."

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