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The Young and the Restless
Episode Guide, 4.7.08

Today on The Young and the Restless, Victoria and Adam both try to figure how much the other knows about Victor’s trip to Los Angeles.

Later, Victoria speaks to Sabrina and learns that Victor is considering hiring her as his art consultant. When Victor returns, Victoria and Adam battle for his attention first. Victoria comes out on top. Nikki and Victoria discuss Victor and Sabrina’s relationship.

Nikki tries to convince Victoria as much as herself that she knows David well enough to marry him. Victor runs into Victoria and Nikki at the G.C.A.C. David pushes Nikki to set a date for their wedding but Nikki is still unsure about David’s addiction and so continues to put him off.

David is approached by his bookie and places a bet on a horse race. The bookie calls Brad to let him know David placed a bet. Both Gloria and Kyon demand to know who the other is. Jeff hurries Kyon out the door, leaving Gloria stunned.

Jeff immediately returns only to realize that Gloria is jealous. Jeff tries to convince Kyon that they are finished and that she needs to go back to Korea, but she refuses to go anywhere. Jeff asks Gloria out on a first date. Cane asks Lily if it’s possible that she may be pregnant.

Lily dismisses the notion. Cane is supportive, letting her know that he would be there if, by chance, she was pregnant. Lily panics at the thought of a child but agrees to buy a pregnancy test.

Devon and Lily get into a fight about Lily working too hard and Devon discovers Lily’s pregnancy test.

Devon doesn’t let on that he has seen the test. During his meeting, Cane continuously checks his messages, waiting for word from Lily.

Meanwhile, Lily is lost in thought as she dials her phone.

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