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The Young and the Restless
August 1, 2008

Today on The Young and the Restless ...

Adrian angrily confronts Jack about the terrible changes he made to his article. Jack urges him to get past it but when he won't stop, Sharon jumps in to defend her husband.

After Adrian storms out, Phyllis lays into Jack but he and Sharon both point out the magazine has sold out over and over.

Heather advises Adam about her new job and adds that she has told her father and her new boss about a missing Skye.

Heather tells Victoria and J.T. about her decision to leave Jabot. Victoria responds that if Nikki exits, she will too.

Victor shows Sabrina a photo of the French chateau he bought for them.

He then asks Lauren to get some clothes for his wife though Michael later advises her that Sabrina needs a new liver and it's unlikely she'll get one.

Trying to come to terms with what David did, Nikki explains to Nick that she wants to sell the horse he gave her. He sends her to bed to rest and stops by the magazine where Sharon inquired about Sabrina.

Phyllis is surprised that she cares and leaks to Nick that Jack ordered another printing. Jack points out they weren't around to ask so he made the decision.

Nikki has a nightmare in which David blames Sabrina's miscarriage on her. After Sabrina dies from her injuries, Adam calls Nick with the news.

Phyllis suggests Jack may want to send a photographer to the hospital to take pictures of Sabrina for a special "bonus" article. Jack claims the magazine had nothing to do with her accident.

Adam meets Heather at the Crimson Lights where she suggests Victoria was concerned she wouldn't get all of her inheritance.

Adam decides that he's going to honor his father by using the Newman name, announcing that he is now Victor Adam Newman.

Sobbing over Sabrina's lifeless body, Victor vows to get even with David and Nikki. He looks up and sees Nikki at the door.

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