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The Young and the Restless
August 4, 2008

Today on The Young and the Restless:

Nikki approaches Victor in Sabrina's hospital room and offers her sympathies.

She asks what she can do for him and insists she still cares for him. Victor viciously grabs her arm, hurting her as he does so, and claims that she has Sabrina's blood on her hands.

He adds that he can't stand the sight of her.
When the crew arrives to take Sabrina's body, Victor kisses her head and then bursts into tears.

As they take her body away, Victoria and Nick hear Victor lash out at Nikki by telling her that he holds her responsible for her death.

As he points out where they are taking her lifeless body, Victor admits he wishes Nikki was stuck in that basement drawer instead.

Nick and Victoria take Nikki home where she worries that Victor will hurt their family. Neil talks with Tyra about Victor's wife dying and how he was such a big help when Dru died.

She holds his hand and encourages him to keep talking. He tells her about Dru's death and his drinking
. Devon complains to Karen that he can't get into music school because of his hearing problem.

Karen urges him to follow his dream but he asks her to be the one to tell Neil he's going to quit school. They return home where they catch Neil and Tyra embracing. Neil's not happy to hear about Devon's plans.

He urges Devon to reconsider and worries about how he'll succeed in life without an education. He doesn't appreciate it when Karen explains that Devon wants to follow his dream.

Later, Karen urges Tyra to find a place for her and Anna, now that she's working. Assuring Sharon that he feels for Victor, Jack reveals he sent flowers to the ranch but they were refused.

He insists he's not afraid of Victor's wrath.

Hearing music from downstairs in the gallery, Jack enters but leaves before a crying Victor can see him. Victoria and Nick worry that their mother might start drinking again.

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The Young and the Restless
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