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The Young and the Restless
July 31, 2008

Episode Recap

While Victor is telling himself that Sabrina is getting better, Michael advises Nick and Adam that her condition is deteriorating.

Victor invites Jana in to see Sabrina.

Jana congratulates Sabrina on the great job she did at the gala and gives her a special necklace to wear in hopes she gets better.

The doctor comes to check on Sabrina and finds her hands shaking.

Sabrina points out to her friend that they are using the dialysis machine simply to please Victor.

In the hall, Nick tells Victor he was right about Sabrina and apologizes.

Claiming there's nothing he can do, Victor suggests his son go home. Nick assures his father that he loves him.

Michael asks Dr. Pembrooke about a transplant but the doctor states that there are other patients ahead of Sabrina.

Heather calls Adam about the newspaper article concerning the missing Skye. When he mentions he saw her last at the airport, Heather wonders if David might have had something to do with her disappearance and offers to have her father investigate.

After Jill chases off reporters bothering Nikki, she lays into her for what David did. Nikki apologizes but Jill lashes out because David killed Ji Min.

Brad argues with Kay that he is the best person to be Jabot's CEO.

Kay is stunned when Nikki announces that she's resigning.

Though Amber reminds him that she only slept with Adrian once, Daniel claims he can't get past that so he'd like them just to be friends.

Adrian bursts in, complaining about the article until he realizes Daniel is there. Amber suggests he talk with Jack. Paul tells Heather a car was found in Louisiana reported stolen from Genoa City.

She confirms Walter was wearing a blue suit which was found in the damaged car's trunk. Paul encourages her to go back to her old job.

Impressed with the work she'd done, her old boss offers her a job. At the stables, Nick encourages his mother to deal with her grief by connecting with the horse David gave her.

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