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Today on The Young and the Restless, Vic's not pleased to see Victor still at the farm. Victor explains that he's staying for the funeral. Vic accuses him of abandoning Hope years ago but Victor denies it and insists that he come with him to Genoa City. Vic decides that he's going back to New York City. Victor offers him double his current salary if he'll come work for him at Newman Enterprises.

Vic turns down the offer but Victor reminds him what Hope requested. Vic doesn't care and claims this will be their last time seeing each other. Nick approaches Neil about buying some ad space in their new magazine and though Neil (Kristoff St. John) likes the idea, he warns that his father won't. Nick disagrees. When he runs into J.T. on his first day of work, Nick (Josh Morrow) warns him about his father...

Kay offers Amber a job as her assistant who will help her with her book. Amber tries to get some advice about men from Kay but when Kay assumes she's still focused on Cane, she tells her to forget about him. Amber hints there's a new man in her life. Victor calls to report that Hope has died and that he'll be home tonight. After Amber leaves, Kay starts crying. She calls Nikki over and leaks the news about Hope.

Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) in turn calls Nick about being available for Victor but Nick wants nothing to do with him. Still playing matchmaker, Jana suggests to Kevin that they have a dinner party and invite Amber and Daniel. After the funeral, Vic thanks Victor for helping his mother. He's touched when Victor offers to buy the farm in Vic's name. Saying goodbye, Victor reminds him that he is his father.

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