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Brad looks over his deal with Nikki to return to Jabot. Alone, Nikki calls David on his disapproval. Cane meets Brad for drinks to give him the lowdown on Jabot, and who to trust. Sharon finds Jeff’s spy-cam and she and Jack wonder who is doing the spying and why. Jeff enters and Jack asks him to name a price to get him and Gloria to move out. Jeff offers six million and Jack replies that he is crazy.

Michael informs Gloria and Kevin that he found Jeff’s mystery woman in Korea and that he has been transferring large sums of money to a bank account there. Gloria feigns stomach pains to plant a seed of suspicion. Once they have passed she invites Michael and Lauren to dinner. Gloria and Kevin continue to put together the finishing touches to framing Jeff - who informs Gloria that he is going to take Jack’s offer to sell him the house.

Michael and Lauren arrive for dinner and want to know what Gloria is planning now. Gloria begins her plan, making Lauren and Michael believe she is not feeling well as she pours more poison into her drink. Phyllis and Nick suggest that Jack and Sharon turn the tables on Jeff and Gloria and use the spycam against them. Neil calls to let Nick know Beauty of Nature is on board with the magazine and mentions that Victor is back in town.

Phyllis tries to make Nick see that this could be an opportunity to mend their broken relationship. Nick asks Phyllis to leave the topic alone and she does. Nikki offers Victor her condolences. Victor asks her to move out of the ranch as soon as possible. Victor calls Victoria and she agrees to meet him at the club. Victor explains to Victoria about Hope’s passing and his offer to have Victor Jr. join Newman. Victoria is uneasy hearing this.

The Young and the Restless
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