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Jeffrey ruins Gloria's dinner party by announcing that he's made a deal to sell his half of the mansion. Michael urges Gloria to do the same thing. Hearing Michael went to Korea, Jeffrey is unimpressed and reveals he's got an old girlfriend back there who calls him all the time. He adds that he also sends her money.

Victor (Eric Braeden) doesn't fall for Neil's sales pitch about being the lead advertiser in the new magazine Jack, Nick, Sharon and Phyllis are starting. Brad faces off with Victor over his new job at Jabot but Victor guesses he won't last long and that Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) won't either.

The new owners brainstorm a name for the new magazine and come up with "Restless Style."

Jack guesses that this was Victor's decision so Nick decides to pay his father a visit. He points out to Victor the big mistake he's making but Victor claims Nick knows nothing about magazines. Heather and Maggie agree that there is no evidence that Jack is responsible for Ji Min's murder. After they tell Paul, Heather calls her boss and Dennis hangs up on her after hearing her news.

Amber listens as Maggie asks Paul if he approves of Heather dating Daniel.

Angry at his father, Nick asks Victoria to quit her job but she refuses. When J.T. mentions his desire to buy a house, Victor offers to sell him Nick and Sharon's house. Jack's thrilled to hear he's no longer a suspect. Sharon spots Jeffrey remove the camera while Kevin secretly tastes the poison in the bottle.

The Young and the Restless
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