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PART I: Stopping by Victor's office, Vic explains that his boss in New York has given him an extended leave of absence so now he'd like to accept Victor's job offer. He also asks Victor to call him Adam Wilson in case people confuse his name Vic with Victor's. Victor then sends him to the Athletic Club to get a room and makes a call to insure his son gets the best room available. After talking with David about Walter, Nikki bumps into Adam at the Athletic Club bar. Phyllis runs into Adam as she stops by.

PART II: When J.T. (Thad Luckinbill) goes on and on to Victoria (Amelia Heinle) about buying the house at the ranch, he downplays his past concern that Victor might be too controlling. Nick congratulates his sister upon hearing of her moving plans. At the Crimson Lights Michael chats with Lauren and Kevin about Gloria's sudden illness and her trip to the hospital. When Kevin suspects Jeffrey did something, Michael remembers seeing Kevin with a small vial and asks if she might have been poisoned. Kevin plays dumb.

PART III: After Jeffrey takes Gloria upstairs, Sharon realizes the hidden camera is gone. Gloria slips out to the Crimson Lights and stuns Kevin with news that she was faking her illness and feels nothing from the "poison" she ingested. Kevin tastes a sample from the vial and realizes it's water. At home Jeffrey catches Gloria and boasts that he knows about the "poisoning" and switched it for water. The two issue each other challenges. Victoria stops by to see her father and reveals that she's going back to work.

The Young and the Restless
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