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PART I: On today's Young and the Restless, Neil's curious to meet Adam and learns Victor hired him yesterday. Neil's impressed to hear he went to Harvard Business School and suggests he find him if he has any questions about the company. Running into Victor later, Neil mentions Adam is his son. Adam stops by to see Victor but is asked to wait. Victoria bursts into the office and quickly guesses that he's Vic. He corrects her that he is Adam Wilson but confirms he is Victor's son.

PART II: Victoria explains that it was a difficult time for her family because of Victor's relationship with Hope. He claims he's there for the job, not the family. She later warns Nick that she thinks Adam is there to take over Nick's old job and Phyllis urges him to get to know Adam. Nick wants nothing to do with him. Sharon advises Jack that she saw Jeffrey with the camera the other night and he guesses there are other devices that he's hidden that must break the judge's ruling.

PART III: J.T. (Thad Luckinbill) calls Nikki about the plans to move into Nick and Sharon's (Sharon Case) old home. She assures him her movers are hard at work right now. Jack and Sharon arrive at their new offices and while Jack congratulates Nick and Phyllis on the progress the workers are making, Sharon's not so excited.

When Sharon bemoans working at the foundation, Phyllis convinces her to quit and come work at the magazine. Gloria calls Kevin to warn that Jeffrey knew all about their poison plans. Later, Jeffrey and Gloria agrees to stop her scheming against him if he'll help her get Jack and Sharon out of the mansion.

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