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PART I: Today on The Young and the Restless, Victor calls Nick about using his trust fund money to finance the magazine and after he badmouths the idea of such a business, Nick tells Victor it's really none of his concern. Victoria announces to J.T. that she's going to work today and taking Reed with her. Hearing Victoria intends to keep the baby in her office, J.T. lets her know he doesn't like the idea.

PART II: Impressing Victor, Adam offers to chat with Victoria about improving the Beauty of Nature bottom line. Later, Victoria introduces Adam to J.T. who reveals that Reed is his nephew. After J.T. leaves, Victoria argues about getting the Beauty of Nature "numbers" up and insists she can do it without his help. He claims Victor wants them to work together.

PART III: Meeting at the gym, Victor introduces Adam to Nick who tells Adam not to use the Newman name. Adam asks to pick his brain about the business but Nick suggests he talk with Victoria who still works there. When Victor tells him to give Adam an hour or so, Nick refuses and leaves, calling Adam "Junior." Adam asks why he fired Nick but Victor won't tell.

PART IV: Jeffrey assures Gloria that he needs them gone for a few days but won't say what he's planning. Afraid of what he might do, Gloria calls Kevin to admit her concern and is unaware Jeffrey has overheard her on the phone. Gloria asks Kevin to move in with her but he refuses and suggests she move out. Meanwhile, Jeffrey does some work with a screwdriver on the staircase at the mansion.

PART V: Daniel invites Amber to a concert but she suggests he invite Heather. He complains that she wants nothing to do with him. Daniel then offers to help Amber move but she doesn't want his assistance. Jack meets Eric Forrester and insists that "Restless Style" can help his company.

The Young and the Restless
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