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PART ONE: With the power out due to the blizzard, Nick comforts a crying Sharon as Noah sleeps. At the main house, Nikki suggests to Victor that they "move on" and get past their arguing. Remembering their past, Victor suddenly offers to forgive her debt if she'll dump David. Nikki refuses.

: Ashley asks Jack to tell her his problems but first describes all that has happened to her out in L.A. Sharon calls and reports that she's not only stuck at the ranch but they've lost power as well. She also reveals that she told Noah everything. Jack then tells his sister.

PART THREE: Brad invites Phyllis to agree to a truce at long last. He then suggests she convince Jack to end his marriage for Sharon's sake while he works on Sharon to divorce her husband. Outraged, Phyllis angrily refuses and claims that she still hates Brad. Nick urges Sharon to think about what she wants from Jack.

PART FOUR: Phyllis calls and warns Jack that Brad has his sights set on Sharon... The next day, the storm is at last over. Jack's surprised when Sharon brings Noah home to the Abbott mansion and gives him a hug, announcing "we're home." Victor ignores Nikki as she leaves the house.

The Young and the Restless
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