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As The Young and the Restless resumes, photographers and reporters salivate over Amber’s exposure, while Amber tries to explain and apologize. Cane confronts Amber and she is devastated by his anger. Later, Amber confesses to Kay that she entered the contest in hopes of winning Cane back.

As Kay tells Amber not to lose herself to love, she collapses.

Jill becomes concerned when she witnesses an intimate moment between Cane and Lily. Later, she warns Cane that Lily is in love with him and if he doesn’t feel the same way he should slow down. Michael approaches Heather about the witness she blew off that alibis Victor for Ji Min’s murder.

Michael informs Heather he knows about the witness and that he suspects her witness was paid off. The D.A. demands that Heather create reports on both witnesses within 48 hours, otherwise she is off Victor’s case. Michael tracks down the witness for the prosecution that he believes is lying.

Michael pushes the right buttons and the witness cracks. Michael calls Heather to inform her he can prove that the witness is not being truthful. Sharon tries to reach out to Gloria, but Sharon is stunned when Gloria is completely heartless and unwavering. John pushes Jack to find a new home with Sharon and Noah.

Later, Sharon assures Jack they are not leaving the mansion. Gloria learns that the judge has agreed to give her the house and rushes to inform Jack of the news. Victor is deeply touched when J.T. allows him to hold Reed for the first time. J.T. is determined not to allow Reed to get caught in the middle of Victor and Nikki’s battle.

Nick voices his concern to Nikki that she is moving too quickly with David. Everyone whole-heartedly welcomes Reed home and introduces him to Victoria...

The Young and the Restless
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