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Neil stops by to invite Lily to a congratulations dinner. Lily (Christel Khalil) invites Cane to go with them but he declines. Later, Neil and Lily discuss Cane and Neil’s reservations towards him. However, Lily insists they are only friends. Cane and Jill talk and he assures Jill that Amber is out of their lives.

Amber calls 911 for Kay. Amber is frantically waiting for the paramedics and she prays to God that Kay will be okay. Moments later, Kay opens her eyes. Kay realizes she fainted but refuses to go to the hospital. Kay asks Amber to call her personal doctor to examine her. Kay believes she may have had a mini-stroke.

They start to attack Amber but Kay stands up for her. However, Kay doesn’t reveal to them the events of earlier. Michael informs Heather that her star witness against Victor admitted to being paid to lie. Heather refuses to drop the case, so Michael decides to go to the D.A. Maggie calls Paul to explain to him that Heather needs him.

Heather blames Paul. Michael announces to Victor that the case has been dropped. Phyllis returns home and wants to know how the family is. Nick, however, has other things in mind, including making love to his wife. Nick still won’t discuss his family issues and Phyllis begins to worry.

J.T. (Thad Luckinbill) pleads with Victoria to wake up as she holds Reed for the first time. Later, when Reed gets fussy the only thing that will calm him is being near Victoria. J.T. explains to Victor that he is going to keep Reed here. Victor offers to let J.T. stay at the ranch.

The Young and the Restless
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