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PART ONE: Jack (Peter Bergman) and Sharon (Sharon Case) discuss their options about Gloria and the house with his lawyer. Sharon suggests they offer Gloria a substantial amount of money for the house. Later, Jack and Sharon approach Jeff about their offer. Gloria unexpectedly arrives and turns them down. However, during their meeting Sharon observes odd behavior between Jeff and Gloria that makes her curious.

PART TWO: Gloria informs Kevin about her plans to move into the Abbott mansion as soon as possible. They devise a plan to buy a poison using Jeff’s credit card. Jana asks Kevin to explain to her what Gloria is planning. Kevin confesses everything to Jana and she offers to help. Sharon explains to Jack what she observed between Jeff and Gloria and the two wonder if it is something they can use to stop Gloria from moving in.

PART THREE: Jeff insists to Gloria that it is time they have joint bank accounts and while Jeff is distracted Gloria takes his credit card number. Phyllis apologizes to Nikki for losing N.V.P. Victor comes in and asks Phyllis to continue to work there. Phyllis tries to get Victor (Eric Braeden) to reach out to his family. Victor informs everyone that the charges against him have been dropped.

PART FOUR: Victor is still not ready to forgive those who doubted him. Phyllis encourages Nick not to give up on Victor. Victoria struggles to wake up as J.T. and Nikki look on. As she opens her eyes, Victoria becomes disoriented. Victoria begins slurring her words, and is frantic about her pregnancy. Nikki assures Victoria that the baby is safe and places Reed in her arms. J.T. rushes downstairs to announce to Victor that Victoria is awake. Victor immediately goes to see Victoria (Amelia Heinle).

PART FIVE: Nikki calls Nick to inform him of the good news. Victoria tries to remember what happened before she went into a coma and becomes agitated when it is a struggle. Nick and Victoria laugh and bond as Nick entertains her with a story when the doctor arrives. The doctor runs some tests, then assures Victoria that she did well. Victoria, J.T. and Reed spend their first night together as a family.

The Young and the Restless
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