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The Young and the Restless
July 1, 2008 Recap

Today on The Young and the Restless ...

Victoria overhears Jill calling Heather on the carpet for the mistakes she's made for Jabot lately. After Victoria suggests that Jill's always upset, Heather calls Paul to meet and complains about Jill's lecturing.

When Paul points out that some cases never get solved, Heather hints she may investigate the Ji Min case on her own and he agrees to help her, suggesting a starting place for them both.

Later, Jill is touched when she discovers what Heather is doing and admits she is still in pain from his death. Urging her to consider ending her marriage with David, Kay suggests they invite Sabrina to be co-chair of the upcoming charity ball to help with the work for the fundraiser.

Later, Victoria urges her mother to dump David quickly if he's lying to her. She agrees to help with the ball even if Sabrina is involved.

It doesn't take much for Kay to convince Sabrina to co-chair the ball. But when Sabrina stops by Nikki's office to talk about the charity event, Nikki spins the chat to her wedding and warns her that it won't last.

Sabrina's pleased when Victoria announces that she'll co-chair the ball with her and Jana offers her help too.

In Las Vegas, while David worries to Walter that Gloria saw him and may tell Nikki, upstairs, Gloria can't stop wondering about telling her friend Nikki what she saw.

David decides to confront Gloria but when he arrives at their hotel room, he learns they checked out. He tells Walter who explains that if his marriage is over, he can always come back to work for him.

As his cohort points out how he got away with murder, David remembers Ji Min lying dead on the floor.

Back in town, Gloria sends Jeffrey to tell Jill they're married and she responds with a kiss. Gloria approaches Nikki in her office.

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