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The Young and the Restless
June 30, 2008

Today on The Young and the Restless, Kay points out how Nikki is to blame for marrying David too soon. Meanwhile, Jeffrey and Gloria arrive at the same casino where David is gambling.

After winning big at the tables, Jeffrey suggests they go up to bed but Gloria insists no sex until they are married.

Jeffrey takes her to the Little Chapel of Big Love where they're allowed to pick a celebrity lookalike to marry them.

Jeffrey picks "Little Richard" who they point out how much he looks and sings like the real rocker. She's amazed to learn he is Little Richard. Walter arrives and finds David in the casino.

After David loses big, Gloria and Jeffrey walk by and she recognizes him. Hearing about Daniel's reaction to her decision to stay in town for work, Adrian suggests to Amber that Daniel should have insisted that she come to Dublin for the concert.

When Sabrina witnesses Victor arguing with Jack at Indigo, she listens to her new husband describe why he loathes the man.

Brad updates Jack on Colleen's return from China and then wonders if Katy Perry is too radical to have on the magazine's cover. Jack denies it.

Pointing out his recent failure in the publishing world, Victor warns Adrian to get the facts right when writing about Sabrina.

Colleen leaks to Amber that she and Adrian are no longer together.

She later updates Jack and Sharon about living with Brad and working at the Crimson Lights. They invite Colleen to move into the mansion.

She accepts and hands back to Adrian the key to his place. Adrian then invites Amber out for a drink. Jack calls Paris to find out more about Sabrina.

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The Young and the Restless
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