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The Young and the Restless
July 16, 2008
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Today on The Young and the Restless ...

Victor's curious after a call from a reporter about the article on Sabrina and orders someone to get him a copy. He then reads it with Sabrina and both are shocked at the changes made to the article.

Sabrina denies the claims in the article. Victor guesses that Jack was involved in the editing but fumes that his kids were also involved.

Anxious about the article, Jack urges Sharon to take the day off with him but she reminds him they've got plans.

When she talks about the next issue, he warns there may not be one because Nick's unwilling to do what it takes to make the magazine successful.

When she senses he's hiding something, he tries to cover but she eventually learns what he did. He claims it's okay because controversy sells magazines but she blasts him for lying to her.

Nick and Phyllis take phone calls reporting huge sales of the latest issue. But when Nick realizes the article was changed, he vows to find out who did this.

Jana and Kevin talk with Daniel and Colleen about the shocking Sabrina story and Daniel claims he's not surprised because the professor is not one to be trusted. Colleen doubts it but when a nearby Brad reminds his daughter what Adrian did to him, Colleen doesn't know what to think.

Kay can't believe that David is now in charge of the gala. When he shows her "Restless Style," she reads the pages about Sabrina, and warns about the reaction to the controversy.

Nikki warns J.T. and Victoria about the effect this will have on the gala. Urging her to be strong and proud, Kay stops by the ranch to encourage a shaken Sabrina. Sabrina blames this on a vindictive Victoria.

Victor angrily confronts Nick and demands a retraction, warning that Jack was behind this. He then convinces Sabrina to go to today's luncheon and accompanies her as she does. As Jack receives word that sales of the magazine have doubled, Nick arrives.

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