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The Young and the Restless
July 29 Recap

On today's The Young and the Restless:

Adam asks Victor's upset secretary to make some calls for him letting people know that he's taking over for Victor temporarily.

He's concerned when he reads a story about a missing Skye. As Victoria and J.T. prepare to bring Nikki home with them, her doctor reports that the blood test revealed an almost fatal amount of morphine in her.

Michael informs Neil and Nick that Sabrina is in critical condition and may not to survive. He adds that her unborn baby died.

Victor emerges long enough to order Michael to find out why Sabrina was in the car and why it went off the road. He then orders Neil to get to the ranch to retrieve some important papers.

There, Adam orders Neil to go to New York to help look for Skye but Neil reminds him that he's in charge of Newman right now and wonders why Adam hasn't been to the hospital.

Jill stuns Brad by announcing that she's taking over as CEO, not him. A photographer offers Jack photos of Sabrina from the accident site and though he turns down the offer, Jack eventually buys them all.

Sharon asks if he intends to publish them but he claims he bought them to keep them out of circulation. Both agree Victor can never see them. Sharon worries when Jack orders a 4th printing without asking Nick first.

At home, Paul tells Victoria, Nikki, J.T. and Kay that a vial containing some morphine was found in David's pocket.

J.T. leaks that they think David also killed Ji Min. Victoria's upset that he didn't tell her but Paul privately claims this was his decision.

Admitting her job's in jeopardy, Kay warns Nikki about the media's reaction to the story about David and she wonders who leaked the information to them.

After getting a report on Sabrina, Kay leaks to Nikki that Sabrina was pregnant and explains that Victor had his vasectomy reversed years ago.

A specialist informs Michael that Sabrina will not survive.

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