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The Young and the Restless
Thursday, July 3

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Today on The Young and the Restless, Nick worries to Victoria about David taking their mother's money. Meanwhile, David insists to Nikki that he's packing his bags and leaving her.

Nick finds Nikki at the Athletic Club and tells her he's okay with her decision to stay with David if she wants but he also invites her to come live with him and Phyllis.

Victoria's upset when J.T. finally admits that he dug up dirt on David to help her mother but failed to tell Victoria. Paul can't believe that J.T. told Victoria now about his investigation.

J.T. explains that David has left Nikki so he thought it was important. Victoria calms down as she talks with Sabrina about the charity ball. She later asks J.T. to keep investigating David.

When David comes downstairs, Nick orders him to get his bags and get out. Adam invites Heather to come to the ranch for a swim but she refuses because of her past with Victor.

She explains how she intended to prosecute him for murder and knows that he bribed witnesses. Heather ends up at the ranch anyway. Victor watches as David leaves, telling Nikki that one day, she'll thank him.

He tries to find out where David is going but Nick covers. He later presses his son for the truth but Nick tells his father that he can't control Nikki anymore. Victor counters that he feels David is dangerous.

Back at the ranch with Sabrina, Victor hears noises from the pool and when he Heather and Adam enter, he privately tells Adam that Heather is not welcome at the ranch. Phyllis isn't pleased to hear Jana hint that she's planning a double wedding with Amber.

Adrian's not pleased to see Colleen with her new boyfriend Mason, a fellow student. Amber's taken aback when she finds a photo of Daniel being kissed by someone on the tour. Paul comforts Nikki and when she embraces him, David spots them.

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