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The Young and the Restless
July 4, 2008

Today on The Young and the Restless ...

Amber complains to Nick about Phyllis arranging for her to see a photo of someone kissing Daniel. Phyllis denies doing it on purpose.

Victoria invites Nick to the Newman pool and boasts that their father is in Boston with Sabrina, unaware they canceled their travel plans.

Heather returns to the ranch and explains to Adam she only came because he told her Victor was out of town. Victor's not pleased to find everyone at the pool, especially Heather and reminds Adam she's not welcome.

Adam insists she's his guest but Victor orders him to kick her out.

Adam refuses and gets a dressing down by Victor which upsets Sabrina who reminds him of her request to reconcile with his family before their baby is born.

Outside the ranch, Adam badmouths Victor but Heather asks him to stop. He returns and Victor again chastises him, giving him a warning not to forget who he is and who Victor is.

Chloe invites herself as his guest when Cane announces he's going to the Restless Style party but he turns down the offer.

Meanwhile, Jack's disappointed to discover that not only will Gloria and Jeffrey be at his party, so will Michael and Lauren.

Sharon's not pleased. As other guests arrive, Sharon continues to complain to Jack about allowing Gloria to stay. Michael calls her crazy when Gloria admits she married Jeffrey.

She adds that she did get her diamonds back too. Jack's curious to get a call about Sabrina and her past.

Eyeing Adrian chatting with Colleen, Amber tells Jana that she can go after the professor since Daniel has ignored her.

Claiming she stepped on a bee and can't drive now, Chloe asks Cane to take her home but runs out of gas as he does so.

Nick's not pleased to arrive after Jack made the speech about the magazine that he was supposed to make and warns Jack about overstepping his bounds. A drunk Amber and Adrian return to the office and kiss.

Until next time on The Young and the Restless ...

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