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The Young and the Restless
June 10, 2008 Recap

Today on The Young and the Restless, Adrian tells Amber he's ready to take her to dinner as promised. Over dinner, he agrees to write about her designs and then advises a curious Amber that his long distance relationship with Colleen depends on trust.

Leaving Jack and Sharon to themselves on the living room couch, Gloria meets up with Alistair and starts drinking with him. Alistair convinces her to take advantage of the nearby pool and go skinny dipping.

Later, Sharon is disgusted to find them naked in the pool.

Jack orders Alistair to get dressed and get going. He then calls Michael for help with his drunk mother. Before Kay can read Jeffrey's note for Gloria to Jill, Jeffrey comes downstairs.

Jill accuses him of having something on Gloria but Jeffrey assumes that she is just guessing. He announces that he's moving back into the Athletic Club but does invite her out to dinner.

While she's upset that Lily blew off the chance in New York, Chloe assures her that their friendship comes first. She then works on Lily to change her mind and when she fails at that, Chloe calls Cane to come over for a chat.

But when Devon arrives instead, he tells Chloe that Cane sent him to her.

Hearing her leave a rude message for Lily, Devon guesses that Chloe is attracted to Cane. She tries to deny it but he boasts that Lily will see through her phony friendship.

Chloe then lies that she wants Devon and kisses him but he reminds her he has a girlfriend.

As they talk about Michael's lack of a father figure in his life, Lauren mentions that the second part of his grandmother's diary is ready.

He reads about a man named Lowell who was expelled from college and then got "mixed up" with the "skinny girl from Detroit." After his dinner with Jill, Jeffrey punches Alistair after he boasts how great in bed Gloria is. Kay finally shows Jill Jeffrey's note and claims he's in love with Gloria.

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