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The Young and the Restless
June 11, 2008 - Recap

Today on The Young and the Restless ...

Nikki assures a worried David that she's proud of him for telling her the truth about his past marriages.

Brad interrupts with news that he's moving Jabot Retro forward quickly to help make up for the loss with the lawsuit yesterday.

He privately tells David about a sure thing horse race but David acts as if he's not interested.

Paul updates J.T. on Nikki's acceptance of David. Picking up Heather for lunch, Paul assures David that he has nothing to worry about.

Unable to stop thinking about Paul's warnings, Nikki finds something curious on the Internet when she types in David's name and the word "murder."

David uses the watch Nikki gave him to place the bet Brad suggested.

Over lunch with Heather, Paul realizes that she's friends with Adam and after he joins them, Paul asks his daughter how long she's known Adam.

Jack again promises Sharon that Gloria will be gone from the pool house by the time Noah returns from summer camp.

The two are relieved when Alistair arrives and announces he's been hired for a musical in Alaska.

Jack admits to Sharon he made a donation to the production company. Nikki notices David's watch is gone.

He lies that he sent it back to be repaired.

At Lauren's Boutique, Victoria runs into her father and admits she's not sure if she'll be at the wedding.

Gloria arrives for her first day of work and starts questioning Victor. She then chats with Sabrina and, hearing that she's getting married, warns her to make sure her future husband is who she thinks he is.

Gloria's taken aback when Victor announces that he's marrying Sabrina.

After she alienates a customer, Lauren reminds Gloria about where she's working. Later, when a customer chastises the "old lady" sales clerk, Alistair defends Gloria while a nearby Sharon is watching it all.

Rebuffed by Victoria again, Sabrina approaches J.T. about getting his wife to the wedding but he states it's Victoria's decision.

Later, Victor accuses Nikki of turning their children against him but she denies it.

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