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The Young and the Restless
June 9, 2008
Episode Recap

Today on The Young and the Restless ...

Stunned by the murder suggestion, Nikki asks David why Paul would think that. David admits that two of his ex-wives are dead but insists his first wife committed suicide with a pill overdose after she became sick.

He goes on to reveal his second wife crashed her car after driving too fast and her daughter blamed him though he was never charged. David does confess that he gambled away all of the money from that marriage.

He continues with his third wife who hired a detective to follow him because of his affair with Carmen. Claiming he's learned his lesson, Adam tells Victor that should he mess up again at Newman, he'll quit.

Stunned that Gloria wants to confess now and thinks the judge would go easy on her, Michael reminds her that he could be disbarred; Kevin would end up back in prison; and Lauren could be arrested for conspiracy.

Gloria insists that she won't say anything about their involvement. Michael guesses Jill doesn't know about the tainted cream. Jill can't convince Jeffrey to tell her what Gloria's done in the past.

After complaining to Jill about their sloppy houseguest, Esther puts together the torn love note Jeffrey wrote for Gloria. She eventually shows it to Kay who confronts Jeffrey and accuses him of "playing" Jill.

Later, Jeffrey spots Gloria with Alistair again. Talking about whether Noah will attend Victor's wedding, Nick admits to Sharon that Victor never mentioned to him the idea of him being in the wedding.

After Sharon takes Noah to camp, Sabrina begs Nick to be in the wedding but he refuses and points out Victor never asked him. The judge throws out Jabot's case and Jill orders Heather not to appeal.

Michael guesses their win is due to Adam's work. Upset by the loss, Nikki pulls Paul aside and orders him to stop investigating David because he admitted everything. Paul warns that something is not right.

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