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The Young and the Restless
Episode Recap
June 12, 2008

Today on The Young and the Restless, Jill calls Jeffrey to hurry over to the retail establishment.

The two then enter the place and make fun of Gloria's new job.

Jill hints to Gloria that she and Jeffrey are involved. As they continue to torment her, Gloria accidentally spills coffee on a $2000 blouse Jill was trying on.

When Jill complains, Kay suggests it's Jill's fault and points out again that Jeffrey's in love with Gloria.

Gloria boasts to Jeffrey that she slept with Alistair to get even with him for sleeping with Jill but Jeffrey admits he hasn't slept with her. Lauren calls Kevin to come fetch his mother.

After he surprises her with a scarf, Jill sits on Jeffrey's lap as the two start undressing.

Hearing that "Restless Style" is not doing well, Victor admits to Adam that he wishes his son would sell the magazine.

Adam wonders if they should continue advertising in it.

Rewarding him, Victor assigns Adam to re-work Beauty of Nature to be more environmentally sound and even gives him permission to change the line's name.

Suggesting "Mother of Nature," Adam talks of his ideas and invites Victor to be a part of it.

Not happy that Nick arranged for singer Katy Perry to come in for a photo session, Jack warns his partner they have to be careful who they put on the cover of the second issue.

Upset by what they've chosen Katy to wear, Jack again warns Nick who accuses him of being jealous of his decision.

When Katy arrives, Amber tries to show off her own designs but Nick stops her.

Hearing from Peter at Alex Fashions, a potential advertiser, that they don't approve of the singer on the cover, Jack again tries to stop the idea of using Katy but Nick insists it's going to happen.

Jack promises Sharon he won't allow this.

Until tomorrow on The Young and the Restless ...

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