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The Young and the Restless
June 26, 2008
Episode Recap

Today on The Young and the Restless ...

Admitting he's read the diary, Michael tells Lauren that he wants to look for his father and has hired Paul to do his legwork. He also explains he does not intend to tell Gloria what he's doing.

Michael then meets with Paul and hands him the diary which the detective points out is already 40 years old. Lily guesses that Neil is suspicious of Tyra's arrival, especially since she didn't even call when Devon was having his troubles with his mother.

Phyllis chats with Nick about changing their marketing for the struggling magazine though she worries that Jack and Sharon may disagree. When Amber arrives for work, Phyllis boasts that she's received plenty of email from her son. Sharon argues with Phyllis about what the magazine needs.

Nick stops them and then offers his support when Sharon comes up with "Restless Amber," an idea to use Amber as an animated figure in the online campaign and then furious when Jack supports the idea too. She blasts Nick for not supporting her.

Nikki refuses to defend David when Jill lays into him for not being ready for a business meeting. When Gloria shows for work late, Jill warns her one more mistake and she'll lose her job again.

Sensing she's upset, Gloria tries to befriend Nikki and later listens on the phone when Nikki argues with David about changing a business meeting. Neil questions Tyra at the club and she explains that her older sister Yolanda is on drugs again.

He wonders if Tyra is also "using" and vows that he won't allow anyone to hurt Devon. Tyra explains that, after working her way up, she now manages the Pembroke Inn in Seattle.

Ana then sits at the piano and proceeds to serenade them. Paul tells Michael and Lauren that he's found a River Baldwin born in New Orleans but adds that the guy is wanted for murder.

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