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The Young and the Restless
Friday, June 27
Episode Recap

Today on The Young and the Restless ...

Kevin announces to Jana that Danny wants to fly him, her and Amber to Dublin for a concert. Jana explains that her job schedule won't allow it but encourages him to go.

Hearing about the trip, Amber realizes she can't go either because of the work she must do for the magazine tomorrow.

Paul advises Lauren and Michael that the warrant out for his father is an old one but Michael points out that there is no statue of limitations for the death of the janitor from the bomb he planted in a bank.

Reading the police report, Michael learns his father was a member of the "Underground" and that his fingerprints were found on the bomb casing.

The report states that he jumped bail and was never seen again. He confronts Gloria about bailing out his father but she insists she did it to protect him.

She also reveals the janitor didn't die until months later and tells him to get over it. Later, sensing Michael's reluctance to continue, Paul offers to drop the investigation.

Hearing Lily's needed out in L.A. for a session at Forrester, Cane offers to accompany her but then realizes he's got a conflict and can't go.

Chloe offers to accompany Lily but then changes her mind so she can be close to Cane. Later, Cane decides he'll take Lily to Mexico and then to L.A. Nick tells Jack that the second issue will hit the stands on Monday.

Adrian boasts to Jack that his article on Sabrina is going well. He leaks that he found out Sabrina slept with someone in order to get an art exhibit in France. Jack pushes him to find out all he can.

David's not pleased when Nikki interrupts a meeting he's taking. The client later invites David to come to Hollywood to finalize the deal. He agrees but hints to Nikki he doesn't want her to come.

Jeffrey surprises Gloria with a hotel suite filled with cash and she agrees to marry him. He offers to fly them to Las Vegas to tie the knot immediately. Cane calls the hotel to pay for Tyra's latest bill. David calls Walter and asks him to meet him in Las Vegas.

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