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The Young and the Restless
Episode Recap, 6.3.08

Today on The Young and the Restless, as Sharon meets with a special interior designer to redecorate the mansion, Jack pulls her aside and warns that he's invited Gloria to move into the pool house.

Though she's upset, Jack claims it's what his father would have wanted. Sharon's disappointed he made this decision without asking her. Nick boasts to Phyllis about hiring Ebo Marks as a consultant for the magazine.

When Ebo arrives, Amber tries to talk with him about her line of designs but Nick sends her to get sone coffee so they can talk. Nick agrees to put a music CD in the 2nd issue. Removing some of her clothes, Chloe waits for Cane to stop by the house to check on her.

When he arrives with orders from Lily to take care of her, Chloe tells him that Lily's got to live in New York if she's going to make it as a model. Cane disagrees but does add that he'll go with her if she does move.

Chloe continues to badmouth Lily's abilities until Devon arrives with Lily who has missed her flight. Lily suggests that it might be a good thing because she does have a contract with Jabot.

Chloe then tries to separate Cane and Lily by asking him to go to the club for some chicken soup for her. Heather and Adam kiss at the gym but then stop just before Phyllis arrives.

Heather slips Adam the key card to her hotel room. Nick runs into Phyllis at the club and boasts about his deal with Ebo Marks and adds that he decided not to consult with Jack as a kind of payback.

Amber lies to Cane about getting email from Daniel. Sharon faces off with Gloria when she arrives at the Abbott mansion. Jack explains where she'll be staying and is thrilled later when his father appears to him again.

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The Young and the Restless
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