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The Young and the Restless
June 4, 2008

Today on The Young and the Restless ...

Noah can't believe it when Jack leaks that Gloria is now living in the pool house. Meanwhile, Kevin's upset that his mom has failed to show for her shift at the Crimson Lights. When she finally arrives and easily handles a complicated order, he's impressed.

Jill and Jeffrey find her working there and make a few snide remarks. But when Jeffrey starts choking on his coffee which Gloria spiked with hot sauce, paramedics rush him to the hospital because of his allergic reaction. Jill warns Gloria to get a good lawyer.

Sabrina and Victor agree they can't wait any longer to get married. When he asks about her family, Sabrina reveals that her father is dead and that her mother left after he died. He offers to find her but Sabrina wants nothing to do with her and changes the subject.

When Adam stops by for a moment, Sabrina urges Victor not to be so hard on him at home but then backs off when he offers to put the guy in their wedding party. Jack suggests doing a cover story on Sabrina for the next issue but is taken aback to hear Nick's already picked singer Katy Perry for the cover story.

Sharon asks Sabrina about doing a story on her and Sabrina okays the idea. However, Nick won't allow a story about Sabrina. Sabrina asks Victoria to be her matron of honor but Victoria isn't interested. Victor later asks if she'll change her mind but she refuses.

Jill's not happy to hear about Lily being wooed by Apex modeling in New York and reminds Cane that she's under contract to Jabot. He suggests they renegotiate the contract to help Lily and she agrees to have heather make the change.

Devon and Lily argue about allowing her career to interfere with her desire to finish school. Cane interrupts with the good news about her contract. Lily decides to cancel the trip to New York because of school.

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