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The Young and the Restless
Episode Guide, 6.5.08

Today on The Young and the Restless,

Amber offers to help get Adrian published in the new magazine. Thanks to her little trick on Jeffrey, Kevin fires Gloria. She hurries to the hospital where Jill stops her from seeing Jeffrey.

Michael arrives and warns Gloria to get out or else he'll consider taking Jeffrey's case himself. Struggling to breathe and fearing that he's going to die, Jeffrey writes a note expressing his love for Gloria.

He hides it when Jill arrives. She denies anyone came by to see him. Kay's not happy when Jill brings Jeffrey to stay at the estate. Jill describes Gloria's attempt to kill him but Jeffrey insists it was just a prank gone wrong.

He also points out Jill wouldn't be at the coffeehouse if Jill had kept her on at Jabot. Later, Esther spots Jeffrey ripping up his love letter. Gloria asks Lauren to hire her to work at the Boutique.

Victoria and Nikki discuss Miguel's decision to leave the ranch to go take care of his ill aunt. Mentioning Victor asked her to be Sabrina's matron of honor, Victoria feels bad about her decision but Nikki claims she has a right to turn down the offer.

Victor asks Adam to be his best man but Adam worries that Nick might consider it an insult. Nikki stops by the ranch to talk with Victor about Miguel and finds Sabrina already knows. She and Victor end up arguing about what he's done to the kids.

Jack and Phyllis try to convince Nick to change his mind about running an article on Sabrina. Amber leaks to Sharon that Gloria poisoned Jeffrey. Jack promises Sharon he'll keep them safe from Gloria but she wants more security cameras installed.

Nikki encourages Nick to do the article on Sabrina because she doesn't care. Nick asks Adrian to write an in-depth article on Sabrina and tells Victor. Victor then convinces Adam to be his best man.

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