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The Young and the Restless
Official Episode Recap
March 11, 2008

PART ONE: Amber explains to Daniel that she has a plan to get rid of the money. Amber suggests they buy ad space in Restless Style for a new fashion line that she would design and he would photograph. Daniel confesses to Kevin about the money. Brad pays Walter for info on David’s gambling debts as well as future information. Later, Nikki gives David some info on therapists to help with his addiction, which he later disregards.

PART TWO: Nikki is displeased when Jill gives her input on projects at Jabot. Chloe introduces Lily to Jesse, who will be her publicist, and informs Lily she is booked solid. Neil stops by Jabot to speak with Nikki about Lily’s involvement in Fresh Face of Jabot. Nikki mentions Neil’s visit to Lily and Cane, and inquires whether everything is okay. Lily confronts Neil and informs him she is moving out.

PART THREE: Devon offers to let Lily move back into the campus house as long as they both agree to stay out of each other’s lives. Later, Cane informs Lily that he put a bid in on a condo. Then Cane explains to Kay and Jill that he is moving out. Jill gets defensive when Kay offers her advice on matters at Chancellor Industries. Amber arrives to work on Kay’s memoirs and Jill believes Kay is making up stories.

PART FOUR: Later, Amber divulges to Kay about her new fashion line, and Kay offers to invest. Jack and Sharon are perplexed when they realize the flash drive from their spy cam is missing. Jeff mentions emptying Gloria’s bank accounts and leaving town to Kevin. Kevin suggests he merely try to get on her good side. Gloria enters as Jeff is leaving and notices that Paul follows him out. Kevin fills Gloria in on his earlier conversation with Jeff, and Gloria decides she needs to change her tactics.

The Young and the Restless
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