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The Young and the Restless Episode Guide (3/12/08) - Pt. 1
Jack explains to Sharon that it is time they sell Gloria the house because he can’t take the fighting anymore. Jeff is thrown when Gloria won’t sign the divorce papers, instead opting to try and fall in love with him. Not buying her change of heart, Jeff pushes her to make love to him to prove herself. Jack and Sharon try one more time to get Gloria to sell them her share of the house. Gloria refuses, feeling John would have wanted her there. Later, Jack reveals he may have a plan to scare Gloria into selling them the house.

The Young and the Restless Episode Guide (3/12/08) - Pt. 2
Gloria becomes cornered when she arrives at the G.C.A.C suite and Jeff is waiting for her to convince him she is falling for him. Meanwhile, Jack and Sharon enjoy a romantic evening alone, and Sharon convinces Jack not to sell the house. Kevin barges in on Jeff and Gloria with a fake emergency, which pushes Jeff over the edge. Jack explains to Sharon that he wants to use John’s ghost to drive Gloria out, but John is not happy about the plan. Jill vents her frustrations to Cane about Nikki’s managerial style at Jabot. Later, Kay steps in just in time to break up a shouting match between Nikki and Jill.

The Young and the Restless Episode Guide (3/12/08) - Pt. 3
Daniel explains to Nick, Phyllis, Jack and Sharon that he and Amber are thinking of starting a clothing line and wonders about the ad costs for the magazine. Jack and Nick try to discourage him, not believing he has enough capital. Meanwhile, Kevin confronts Amber about the money. Nick and Phyllis become suspicious of Amber and Daniel’s plan and call Kay to find out what is going on. Meanwhile, Amber is furious that Daniel told Kevin everything and confronts him at the warehouse. Kay confirms to Nick and Phyllis that she plans to back Amber’s clothing line. Cane confesses to Lily that he wants to live with her but he doesn’t think it’s the right time.

The Young and the Restless
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