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The Young and the Restless
Episode Recap
March 13, '08

Today on The Young and the Restless, Neil questions Adam about his working with Victoria and doesn't like his reaction to his suggestions for Beauty of Nature. Neil advises Adam later that Victoria is at a doctor's office. Adam makes a snide remark about how much the baby takes Victoria away from her job.

Lily resents it when Chloe calls her "cupcake" during today's photo shoot. When Cole arrives, a frustrated Lily complains about Chloe. When Lily tries on the next dress, Chloe thinks it's too tight but the photographer disagrees as does Nikki. Concerned about Lily, Cane calls Neil and invites him to attend the shoot.

Neil admits he thinks she's overworked when he arrives and sees Chloe complaining about Lily's lack of drive. When Neil lets it slip that Cane invited him, Lily is furious with her boyfriend. Jack interrupts as Jeffrey threatens Gloria again. Jack orders them to leave the room because their time is up.

After Amber leaves for her first day of work, Kevin asks Daniel if he has a key to the penthouse. Daniel offers to get one from his mother. Blaming his father, Nick complains to Phyllis when he can't get an extension on his business loan. He confronts Victor who laughs at his claim.

Nikki suggests he ask her for a loan but Nick refuses.

Jack advises Sharon that now may be a good time to "haunt" the mansion.

Jeffrey finally reveals to Jack that he's moving out but Gloria's staying. He also claims he's fallen in love with Gloria so Jack offers to help him. Amber tells Daniel that she's not getting rid of the money.

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