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The Young and the Restless
Episode Recap, 3.14.2008

Today on The Young and the Restless, Sabrina introduces Victoria to Casey Spooner and informs her that she is leaving Genoa City in a few days. Sabrina gets a message from her ex-boyfriend. Victoria suggests that he may really love Sabrina, but when she explains to Victoria what caused their break up, Sabrina is resolved not to take him back. Sabrina explains to Victor that she is leaving for L.A.

When Sabrina stops by his office, Adam notices the rapport between Sabrina and Victor. Victoria becomes angry when she learns that Adam went ahead with the Beauty of Nature ad campaign without her input. Victoria becomes resolved to show Adam who is in charge. Victor confronts Adam about going behind Victoria’s back with the Beauty of Nature campaign. Adam learns from Victor that Phyllis and Nick had an affair.

Phyllis meets with the publicist and he suggests they get celebrities to attend. Phyllis suggests Danny, but is then concerned with how Daniel will react to having his father back. As Sharon prepares to interview beauty editors for the magazine, Jack begins to set the stage to scare Gloria with his plan. Jack offers Jeff 20 percent of the payout from Gloria. Sharon reassures a stressed out Nick that the magazine will be a success.

Later, Jack reassures Sharon that Jeff is motivated and their plan will work. Jack and Sharon feign an argument and exclaim to Gloria that they are fed up and will sell her the house. Jack however, goes on to declare that she is cursed, which gets under Gloria’s skin. Jack and Sharon leave and Jeff leads Gloria to christen the bed she shared with John. Jeff sets the plan in motion using one of John’s old books to freak Gloria out.

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