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The Young and the Restless
Episode Recap
March 17, 2008

Today on The Young and the Restless, Esther worries as Kay seems dizzy but Kay denies that anything's wrong. When Gloria admits that finding John's book of Keats poetry on the night stand has upset her, Jeffrey remarks that he too is no longer in the mood and remarks that he's never had a ghost spoil his plans for bed.

Meanwhile, Michael and Lauren are suspicious when they find Jack and Sharon in high spirits after they've been kicked out of the Abbott mansion by Gloria and Jeffrey.

Jeffrey calls Jack about his success while Gloria calls Kevin to come over for a dinner party.

When Jack worries that Gloria may not fall for their scheme, Sharon suggests they hire an actor to pose as John. On the Internet, they find an actor named Alistair Wallingford. At the Crimson Lights, Cane announces to Chloe that Lily is taking some time off. He then takes Lily back to his place for a back rub and more. Kevin orders Amber and Daniel to burn the cash tonight or he'll go to the police.

When Kevin denies that ghosts exist, Jana pipes up that they do and wonders if John is reaching out to her. Michael and Lauren arrive for the dinner and Michael warns Gloria that she's being scammed.

When Jeffrey offers to put together the papers for the sale, Michael insists on doing it and then fakes a fight with Lauren so she'll stay the night and spy on them. At Amber's penthouse apartment, Daniel sets up a camera and as he films them burning the money in the fireplace, Amber cries.

As she falls asleep, Daniel slips out and approaches Kay about funding Amber's design business. Chloe runs into Lily and Cane and reminds her of an appointment tomorrow. Cane states that she won't be there and when Chloe presses the matter, Lily stands up for herself and warns Chloe she might lose her job if she doesn't back off.

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