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The Young and the Restless
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Showing her the latest "fashion blog" which reads that Nick is Victor's representative in the new magazine, Patrick boasts to Phyllis that he's arranged for Nick to be interviewed by the "New York Times."

When Nick brings Danny to the office, Phyllis is amazed that he got there so quickly, especially since she hasn't told Daniel. Danny admits it's too late because he ran into their son but promises to make it up to him.

Sulking to Amber, Daniel points out that Phyllis failed to ask him if it would be okay to bring Danny to town. He also tells Amber that he's not going back to the magazine.

Amber confronts Phyllis and chastises her for how she's been treating Daniel. Upset with the dressing down, Phyllis goes to see her son and convinces him to come back to work.

Paul seeks help from Nikki and asks her if she might consider hiring Heather at Jabot.

Nikki calls Heather in for an interview to be a Jabot corporate lawyer and is impressed. Paul runs into Danny and the two exchange stories about the problems with their son and daughter. Jack and Sharon interview actor Alistair Wallingford and explain that he'll be impersonating an actual dead person.

Sharon suspects Alistair has been drinking but when he emerges wearing some of John's clothes, Jack is amazed at how much he looks like his father. Jack promises him $10,000 and Alistair agrees to stay in hiding

Showing John's coat, Gloria accuses Jeffrey of planting it but he plays dumb. She tells Kevin that she fears John is haunting her. As Jack talks with his vision of John, Kevin spots him talking to himself and calls to warn Gloria. Though Jill is pleased to see Gloria and Nikki working well together, Gloria tells Jill that John would have wanted her in charge. Paul scores some points when he introduces Heather to Danny. Phyllis demands that Danny fix the problem with their son. In Jeffrey's arms, Gloria screams out when she thinks she sees John.

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