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The Young and the Restless
Episode Recap, 3/25/08

As Jana sets the mood for the seance at the Abbott mansion, Gloria asks Jeffrey to hold her hand. He refuses and leaves to call Jack to report the seance and how he wishes he had sent the actor over.

A tipsy Alistair makes his way to the mansion and makes a noise just after Jana calls out to the spirit world to have John make his presence known to them. Gloria stares at the window and announces that John is there.

They head outside to check while Jeffrey slips back in to plant a book of poetry.

While Gloria examines the book, Jeffrey finds Alistair outside.

After Jana and Kevin leave, Gloria bemoans to Jeffrey that John is haunting her. Just then, Alistair stumbles inside. Gloria faints when she sees "John" and when she comes to, Jeffrey has already gotten rid of him.

Sabrina and Victor grow closer as they have fun taking care of the baby.

When he admits he's not happy because of his sons, Sabrina points out that he can change that if he wants to.

When the babysitter arrives, Sabrina invites Victor to attend the magazine release party with her.

Pleased with all the big names in the media industry attending their magazine launch, Jack boasts to Sharon, Nick and Patrick that "Restless Style" is going to be a hit.

Nick assures a reporter that the startup money for the magazine came only from him and Jack.

When Ashley arrives with Felicia, Jack makes a beeline for the Forrester woman and convinces her to advertise in the magazine.

Nikki congratulates Nick on his success.

Seeing Amber is working there, Felicia warns Phyllis about trusting her.

Jill is upset when Kay explains she's staying home to work on her book.

Then Jill chastises her mother and explains that the book will hurt her but Kay insists she has to write it. Nick is shaken when Victor and Sabrina arrive at the party and a reporter asks Victor why he put Nick in charge of the magazine. Kay confides to Amber about her vision of John.

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