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The Young and the Restless
Episode Recap, 3/27/08

Today on The Young and the Restless, When J.T. claims the security breach was an inside job, Victoria asks Adam if he had anything to do with it. He resents the accusation. Neil tries to calm him while Victor arrives and orders them to find out who is behind this.

Adam later tells Victor someone is setting him up. Nick interrupts and while Victor congratulates him on the success of the party and claims he doesn't want to see Nick fail, he also insists that the magazine is doomed. At his Athletic Club room, Alistair complains to Jack and Sharon about being kept prisoner. He claims he sees that Gloria could love him so he refuses to leave town when Jack decides to end their arrangement.

Assigning Sharon with the task of taking the actor out of town, Jack calls Jeffrey to end their plans and Lauren uses the caller-ID display to discover who was calling him. Gloria and Kevin slip into Alistair's room to snoop. Boasting to Phyllis about how much ad space they've sold for the first issue, Nick credits Daniel's hard work for bringing onboard a "hip" advertiser. Danny interrupts and says his goodbyes, agreeing to stay in touch.

Danny then visits Daniel and sings him a song he wrote for him last night when he couldn't sleep. As Danny exits, Daniel says, "thanks, dad." Adam drops by the magazine offices and chats with Phyllis until Nick arrives. He returns to Newman and accuses Victoria of setting him up. J.T. later tells Victoria that the saboteur was a person who just left the company with all their codes. Brad calls Nikki to meet about something he has learned.

Sabrina gives Victor two books in thanks for their time together and as she kisses him, Adam sneaks a peek. Sharon calls Jack to report that Alistair has slipped away from her. At the Abbott mansion, Alistair calls out for Gloria. When Lauren sees him, she faints and falls down the stairs.

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