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The Young and the Restless
Episode Recap
May 1, 2008

Gloria's taken aback when she's told that Jeffrey moved out of the Athletic Club. Kay and Alistair is shocked to see Jeffrey coming down the stairs at the Chancellor Estate.

Jeffrey admits that Jill invited him to stay so Alistair guesses that Gloria needs him. Kay shows him photos of Phillip before he leaves. Alistair finds Gloria at the Athletic Club and tells her where Jeffrey is now living.

Gloria goes to see for herself and catches Jeffrey with a pile of laundry. He hints that Jill is fulfilling "all" of his needs. Before Nick surprises Phyllis with a game of "find the hidden gifts" at the office, Jack, Sharon and Amber wish them a happy anniversary.

As Phyllis searches, Daniel assures her that he's happy being with Amber. Jack and Sharon head home where both comment on how upset they still are over Phyllis' affair years ago.

When Jill tells Cane that Lily is needed out in L.A. for another photo session, Cane nixes the idea but Lily overhears and claims she is ready to get back to work.

Cane urges her to take time to grieve but Lily says it's not necessary because her pregnancy wasn't really a baby.

Victoria's not pleased that Victor has approved the "Clean Green" deal Adam arranged and privately points out that her father values Adam's opinion more than hers.

Victoria then goes on the attack with Adam who boasts that Nick wasn't in her "league" but he is. Neil interrupts which stops the argument. Victoria seeks his opinion about Adam but Neil won't say.

Later, Victor asks Neil about Adam's new deal. Neil warns he may lose Victoria if he continues to alienate her. Victor invites his daughter to dinner but she suggests he ask Adam instead.

Amber tells Daniel that Lily lost her baby and then hints that she wants him at her place every night. Jack tries to reach out to his father again but finds Alistair at the door instead.

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