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The Young and the Restless
Episode Recap, 5/12

Today on The Young and the Restless, Victoria is bothered when Nikki gives a project that Victoria wanted to Brad and Cane. Meanwhile, David loses a big bet. Brad asks David for his money, but David stalls saying he will have it next week.

As their deadline approaches, Jack, Sharon, Nick and Phyllis clash on what to do about Restless Style. Although Nick is swamped at the magazine, Victor informs Nick that he needs to see him now.

Jamie suggests to Jack, Sharon and Phyllis that in order to sell magazines they need to get a new cover model, and dump Lily. After some fighting, they agree and Jack has an idea on who to use. Jack makes an executive decision to stop printing the cover when he has the possibility of booking a celebrity.

Nick is completely against the idea of scrapping the cover, knowing how much the change would cost them. Sabrina accepts Victor's marriage proposal. Victor offers to invite Nick, Adam and Victoria to the ranch to announce the proposal to everyone.

Nick and Victoria arrive at the ranch to find Adam, all wondering what's going on. They are shocked when Victor announces that he and Sabrina are engaged. Adam and Sabrina have a confrontation about the engagement. Victoria reveals to Nikki about the engagement and Nikki takes it surprisingly well.

Nikki and David decide to get married as soon as possible. Later, Victor arrives home to a dinner surprise from Sabrina but has to rush off to a work dinner instead. Sabrina is left alone. Colleen explains to Adrian that she is leaving for New York tonight and then on to China.

Later, Adrian learns that his book is officially dead.

At the coffeehouse, Colleen informs Kevin that Adrian's book is dead and Kevin is thrilled. Kevin tries to cheer her up but only ends up reminding her of the day that she and Adrian met.

Later, Colleen reveals to Brad that she is going to China. Colleen says goodbye to Lily. Adrian learns that no other publisher is interested in his book.

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