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The Young and the Restless
Episode Guide, 5.13.08

Today on The Young and the Restless, hearing Chloe's place has been flooded, Lily invites her to move in with them temporarily though Devon's not pleased. Neil's stunned when Karen announces that she's considering a job offer in New York.

She points out that he wants her to be like Dru and adds that she is not Dru and never will be. Composing herself, Karen advises Neil that if he wants her to stay, she will. After some thought, Neil agrees he's not ready to date anyone and wishes her well.

Surprising Nikki with a diamond engagement ring, David boasts that it's a family heirloom and suggests they get married tonight. She decides they don't need to tell the kids since Victoria can't leave the baby to fly with them and Nick's out of town.

Kay arrives in time to hear about their secret. While the two women talk, David takes a call from the credit card company and promises that he'll make a payment soon. On the over-booked and delayed flight, Nikki's upset that she can't sit next to David.

When Jack accompanies Samantha the model and Jamie to the magazine offices, Phyllis lets him know she's unhappy he didn't talk to Nick or her about changing the magazine's cover. Jack's unconcerned but Phyllis goes on to point out that Samantha isn't that impressive to her.

After the photo shoot, Samantha leaves with the $4,000 dress she wore while Sharon offers to tell Lily about Jack's decision. Phyllis calls and leaves a message for Nick about Jack giving away the expensive dress.

Victoria stops by the ranch and finds Sabrina and Adam just after they've been arguing. She lays into her former best friend for all that she has accomplished since coming to town.

Before leaving, she calls Adam a back-stabber too.

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