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The Young and the Restless
Episode Guide, 5.9

Today on The Young and the Restless:

Nikki reminds Victoria that once she marries David, there will be no hope of reconciling with Victor. Nikki later offers a truce to Victor and he agrees to end the arguing as long as she is serious.

When Adrian invites Colleen to go on his book tour with him, she reminds him about her work/study opportunity in China but then considers his offer. After a threatening phone call, Michael tells Brad that he's been warning the publisher about legal action if they publish the professor's book.

He later advises Brad that his threats may be working. Kevin's thrilled when he hears the good news from his brother. After the publisher calls Adrian to cancel the tour and put the book on hold, he blames Colleen's dad and complains to her that he never realized that he couldn't trust her.

Colleen confronts her father and Brad apologizes but points out that no one can know what they did. He admits he had the book canceled and she bursts into tears, pointing out how she hurt the man she loves.

Colleen returns to Adrian who explains that his writing days are over. She decides to go to China. Sabrina's not pleased when Victor announces that Adam is moving to the ranch.

When Adam arrives and Victor asks her to give him a tour of the place, Sabrina privately boasts to Adam that she's an honest person and hopes that Adam can be one too.

Running into Victoria, Adam reveals that he's moved to the ranch. Hoping to make $25,000 from Brad, Andy the bookie calls David with a "sure thing." Sabrina is stunned when Victor gives her a diamond ring and asks her to marry him.

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