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The Young and the Restless
Episode Guide, 5/16

Today on The Young and the Restless, Phyllis is pleased when the magazine's website starts getting some reaction which means the magazine is a success. After Sabrina forces him to talk about his ex-wife, Victor claims he's not upset that Nikki remarried. He adds that he just doesn't trust David.

When she suggests stopping by the magazine office to congratulate Nick on the first issue, Victor refuses and claims Nick would know he was lying. Sabrina asks him again in hopes that it might be a first step in a reconciliation with his son.

Meanwhile, Nikki and David celebrate their marriage at the Athletic Club. He shows her the first issue of "Restless Style" and she's upset to see Lily is not on the cover. He guesses she wasn't a big enough name for the first issue.

At the Crimson Lights a sleep-deprived Gloria complains to Kevin that her "karma" has gotten worse after giving away half her money. She explains that Jeffrey wants the rest of her money.

When Michael arrives and Gloria admits what she did, she asks him to get her money back. Michael reports that it's a done deal and the money is gone.

She lashes out at him and boasts that this means his inheritance is gone too.

Wandering in the park later, Gloria finds a homeless Alistair on a bench and suggests they break into a room at the Athletic Club. Once they do, Gloria agrees to hop into bed with him.

Lauren lays into Kevin and Michael for the way they are treating Gloria. Victor, Sabrina, Nikki and David get stuck on the elevator at the magazine office. As they wait to be rescued, Nikki and Victor start arguing.

Reluctantly confirming he cares for Gloria, Jeffrey asks Jill how he can win her back.

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