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The Young and the Restless
Episode Guide, 5/22

Today on The Young and the Restless, David admits to Nikki that he lied about being okay with having separate bank accounts. At the ranch Victor chastises Adam and points out his recent acquisition is in the midst of an expensive lawsuit. Hearing what happened from Neil, Victoria boasts to her mother about Adam's costly mistake.

Meanwhile, Adam confronts Neil and asks who ordered the audit that exposed his mistake. Neil claims it was Victoria who reacted to his effort to sandbag her and suggests Adam should have seen it coming.

Meeting at the Crimson Lights, Nick and Sharon eye a photo of Cassie as they remember today's the anniversary of her death. Danny surprises Phyllis at the magazine offices and announces that he's taking Daniel on tour with him for the summer now that his classes are over.

She reminds him he already has a job. When Daniel arrives, he loves the idea of traveling after Danny suggests he be his tour photographer. Danny gives him one day to decide.

Running into Victoria, Adam claims Natural Glow was a good match for Newman but he failed to read enough about the company. When Nikki mentions his problem with Adam, Victor lashes out at Nikki for gloating about it.

Victoria advises a curious Nick that Adam made a mistake at work. Hearing Victor lash out at Adam again, Sabrina wonders to him if he's being too hard on his son. Victor lectures her that "life is hard."

Amber's upset to overhear that Daniel's travel plans may last all summer if not longer. David decides to bet on a local boxing match tonight. Sharon breaks down at Cassie's grave.

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