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The Young and the Restless
Monday, May 26, 2008
Episode Recap

Today on The Young and the Restless, Bitsy tells Paul that David's first wife was mentally unstable and took her own life. She goes on to report that his second wife died in a car crash after someone tampered with the brakes and claims that David takes all the money from his wives.

Bitsy admits that she burned a report about David but when she claims David's second wife was an FBI agent working on a case about aliens, Paul realizes she's off balance herself. After getting a call that Nick's been in a car accident, Phyllis tells Nikki who calls Victor.

Sabrina finds only Adam at the ranch and when he mentions Victor left, she reminds him that today is the anniversary of the death of Victor's granddaughter. Danny meets his son at the magazine office and introduces himself to Noah.

Jack tells Danny that Daniel's doing a great job at the magazine. After Amber heads home, Danny boasts to Daniel that he wants him to be the tour photographer, not the assistant, and insists that Amber will survive without him for a couple of months.

He confides that he wants to do this to start to make up for the time they were apart so Daniel accepts the job offer. At the hospital in a wheelchair Nick assures Phyllis he's fine after being sideswiped.

Danny remembers telling Cassie she could go the party but then is snapped out of the flashback by Phyllis who wants to take him home. Instead, Danny calls and asks Phyllis to meet him and Daniel.

Adam tells an upset Victoria about Nick and than arranges to meet with Walter about the "loan." Noah asks Jack to take him to Cassie's grave where he remarks to Jack about a breeze he felt.

Nick advises Sharon that his memory has returned and he remembers all about their failed marriage. He blames himself for losing her and says he doesn't deserve Sharon. They end up at Cassie's grave where Sharon admits that a breeze always reminds her of Cassie.

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