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The Young and Restless
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May 27, 2008

Today on The Young and Restless, Admitting he knows today is the anniversary of Phillip Chancellor's death, Cane asks Kay about his father. Jill claims that Phillip was a wonderful father but that Kay was drinking and made his life a living hell.

Cane is shocked but Jill explains that Kay gave Cane away. Hurt, Cane leaves. Jill and Kay continue to argue until Cane returns and claims that his father would be disgusted to see them talking this way.

Sharon's curious to hear Jack has ordered an article removed from the second issue of the magazine without consulting Nick and Phyllis. He explains that while Nick got the credit for the first issue, he wants to use the second to let the world know that Jack is back.

Waking on the sofa, Nick tells Phyllis that his memories started coming back quickly while he was in the hospital after the accident. He claims that he's been reliving Cassie's death.

Phyllis points out that he's a wonderful father and Nick admits that he also remembers falling in love with her. Jana boasts to Kevin that today's her first day at the gallery and encourages Amber to accept this test of being away from Daniel, the man she deserves to have in her life.

Gloria guesses that her diamonds are worth about $2 million. At the magazine offices Jack wishes Daniel well while Nick apologizes for how he treated him after Cassie's death.

Phyllis asks Danny to keep an eye on her son. Daniel promises Amber that he will be back. Later, Nick's not pleased when Jack announces that he's arranged for Kathy Hilton to do online chats with magazine readers and asks to speak to him.

The jewelry appraiser advises Gloria that her diamonds are fakes.

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