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The Young and the Restless
Episode Guide, 5/28

Today on The Young and the Restless ...

After Sabrina introduces Jana to Victor, he greets Michael by asking if he can get him out of the current legal mess at Newman. Adam overhears Victor growling at Michael to make it happen and asks if he can help Michael.

Victor okays the idea. Jana warns Michael that Gloria needs his help. Watching Sabrina and Victor work together, Jana tells Sabrina that it's obvious to her how in sync they are.

David surprises Nikki with a diamond necklace. He urges her to let Heather handle the lawsuit but Nikki insists on being involved. While Victoria admires her mother's new jewelry, Brad again warns David about paying him back. David then makes a call about borrowing $10,000.

At Newman Nikki tells Heather, Brad and Jill that she won't settle. Brad decides that Victoria should work with him on their "new old" line "Jabot Retro." Jill resents that Nikki didn't bring her into this mess but David announces that Nikki and Heather will handle this.

After Andy the bookie calls with a hot tip, David bets $25,000. Jill warns Nikki about allowing her anger toward Victor to affect her business decisions.

As Kevin struggles to appease angry customers at the Crimson Lights, Gloria arrives and tells him her diamonds are fakes. Jill calls and demands that Gloria return to work but Gloria explains she's dealing with a family emergency. When Alistair arrives, Gloria puts him to work.

Michael advises Gloria that he thinks Jeffrey switched her diamonds and advises her that if they weren't insured, then she's out of luck. Alistair calls Jeffrey and orders him to give Gloria her diamonds.

Jeffrey plays dumb. Impressed with the work Adam's already done, Michael suggests he go to law school. J.T. tells Victoria that he's in charge of security at the art gallery. Nikki spots David and Brad after David pays him $10,000.

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